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National Registered Dietitian Day 2020

Becoming a Registered Dietitian

Happy National Registered Dietitian Day 2020 to me!

Becoming a dietitian takes time, dedication, drive. In a nutshell, it consists of earning a bachelors degree from an accredited college, completing their accredited dietetics program, completing a 1200-hour internship rotating through all the areas of dietetics, and passing the National Examination for Dietitians

Piece of cake right?! Get it…cake? See what I did there ?

There are so many areas of nutrition! Renal, school nutrition, diabetes, oncology, outpatient, inpatient, research, and weight loss…just to name a few. but there is #one thing we all have in common…we all believe nutrition is the cornerstone to health ??‍♀️

What can an RD do for you that a Nutritionist or Health Coach can’t? Lots of things….

  1. RD’s help patients in treatment and disease management
  2. RD’s have strict regulated rules that they must abide by
  3. RD’s have a protected title
  4. Takes years of schooling, receives a bachelor in nutrition sciences and are required to do an internship
  5. RD’s can diagnose
  6. RD’s can be covered by medical insurance
  7. RD’s are licenses in their residing state and are required to complete 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years through the CDR and 30 hours every 2 years through the state

If you’re looking for nutritional guidance, please make sure you double check credentials. The fact are, there is no formal training or certification required to call yourself a health coach or nutritionist. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist but not everyone can call themselves a “Registered Dietitian”.