Support and resources

Finding the Right Physician

Trust me when I tell you, this part if very important. You are about to spend A LOT of time with this person and their staff. Take time to interview potential Reproductive Endocrinologists (REs)and discuss treatment options. Choose a specialist who you trust and will respect and support your approach to infertility. 

There are some RE’s who actually employ natural care practitioners in their office because they know how effective an integrative approach can be. Seek out a specialist who fits your vision and who is ready and willing to help you reach your goal.  

My personal journey began and ended with the dedicated team at The Reproductive Medicine Group in Tampa, FL. During our 4 year fight for parenthood, the staff was nothing short of amazing and always made us feel like we were part of their family. I had the “pleasure” of being a patient under the care of each physician, however Dr. Betsy McCormick was my primary specialist.   

Natural Therapies That Work in Conjunction with Fertility Treatments

Integrative Medicine is defined as: “medicine that integrates the therapies of alternative medicine with those practiced by mainstream medical practitioners”.  

I know that integrative medicine is not for everyone, but for many women and men, the root cause of infertility can be explained by a simple imbalance of homeostasis. There are no physical blockages or limitations… there is just something in your body that is not running optimally.  

There are conditions that can create actual physical barriers to conception, but even when this is the case, natural therapies still have their place. An integrative treatment approach utilizes the best of both Western medicine and holistic healing methods, creating a plan targeted at your unique situation.     


Studies have actually found increased success rates for IVF patients who utilize acupuncture directly before and after an embryo transfer. If your clinic does not have an on-staff acupuncturist, or if you simply feel more comfortable utilizing the services of your own, your acupuncturist will work with you to create a plan of action. Here is a list of referrals I trust and know in the local Tampa area:  

1. Integrative Medicine Center. Inc.

2. Bay Area Oriental Family Practice

3. Dr. Kym Caporale, DOM


Chiropractic Care

The benefits of chiropractic care in conjunction with fertility treatments are just now being observed. The dominant theory is that regular chiropractic care helps the body to align and meet an ideal functioning capacity.  

Combining chiropractic care with your fertility treatments carries no negative effects, and may help you to enter treatments in a much healthier physical state and frame of mind.  Here is a list of referrals I trust and know in the local Tampa area:

1. Hunt Holistic Chiropractic

2. Cherry Family Chiropractic

Mental Healing

Physically dealing with infertility treatment is hard, but sometime we forget the stress and emotional impact infertility and its treatment has on us. Additionally, I know that is often difficult to find anyone other than your spouse or partner to share your concerns and frustrations. 

So when should you seek help?  

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends that you consider counseling if you are feeling depressed, anxious or so preoccupied with your infertility that you feel it is hard to enjoy life. You may also want to consider counseling if you are feeling hopeless or alone.  

Here are some great resources locally and nationally:

1. RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association

2. Kathy Fountain Infertility Counseling

3. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

Additional resources:

1. Fertility & Prenatal Yoga

2. Fertility Massage