Jeremy W

“I owe a debt of gratitude to LG Nutrition. My initial consultation in July 2018 came just three months after I had a portion of my left lung removed after a nearly eighteen month battle with tuberculosis. My body was weak and worn down. The medications I took for my lung infection made me extremely ill and it was very difficult to eat properly. Laura took the time to meet with me and my wife to understand our situation and she tailored a nutrition plan that included meal suggestions and a shopping list. The plan was thorough and easy to follow. Our entire family has benefitted from her expertise, and we eat much healthier yet still delicious foods. We have followed her plan for over eighteen months now and my health has returned completely and better than before. Following her nutritional plan has even improved joint pain caused by autoimmune disease. I am running over thirty miles a week and feeling great. Thank you LG Nutrition for your enormously important role in my recovery and positive lifestyle changes.”

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