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Meet with me face-to-face or from the comfort of your home or office. I now offer personalized nutrition advice whether you live locally or thousands of miles away. 

Here’s how to get started: 

Step 1:  Schedule your free 15 minute initial phone consultation. 

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If you feel that I am a good fit to help with your goals...

Step 2: I will email you a full assessment questionnaire and a 3 day food log. Please e-mail the completed forms prior to your initial appointment. 


Prior to our visit:  

Task 1: Continue your food journal. Please include the time, what you ate and how much (example: 3 pm - 4 oz of grilled chicken with 1 cup of rice and beans).  Please include all beverages.  

Task 2: Please bring a copy of your completed assessment questionnaire.  

Task 3: Please bring a copy of your most recent blood work (if any) or copies of your most recent medical records. 

Task 4: Please bring any and all supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs or anything of this nature. 

Task 5: Please write out and bring a list of all medicines you are currently taking (include dosages)  

Task 6: Please bring the name, address and phone number of your Primary Care Physician or Reproductive Endocrinologist. 


Step 3: Schedule your follow-up visit  

Payment Options


Check with your health insurance plan to find out if you’re covered for Registered Dietitian or Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) services.  If not, my services are tax deductible. 

You will receive a receipt at the end of each visit which can be used for tax or insurance purposes. 

Currently, LGNC accepts credit, cash, check, Venmo (@laura-gilstrap-1) and PayPal.
For PayPal payment:


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